Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guilin Street Food Festival

The folks over at recently attended a street food festival in Guilin, China, and wrote up a nice review with lots of delectable looking pictures. I'm particularly intrigued by this one:


What in the world is that stuff? It looks like a sea cucumber and a medieval mace had a litter of pups. Delicious.

I've been to Guilin (you should go too--it's beautiful), but I wasn't fortunate enough to see any street food festivals while I was there. Actually, come to think of it, I had very little street food there. A real tragedy, that. I did have this yummy seafood on a stick, but not much else:

Whole crabs on the left, whole fish on the right. 
You are expected to eat the whole thing, shells and bones and all.

I'll be passing through Guilin again later this year, so check back in October or November to see if I was fortunate enough to find some of those foods that the people did. Especially that weird spiky looking thing I shared above...


Haley said...

You're expected to eat the crab shells????????????? And I'm assuming you did, wow. A certain Dutch intern had me try some raw herring at the Dutch embassy, and it was not really my favorite experience, to put it mildly. More power to you for eating the shells, bones and all!

Frank Kasell said...

Yes, I certainly did. To be honest, they were soft enough that you barely noticed. The crabs mostly just tasted like crunchy fried food.

layana koh lanta said...

I find the majority of these Chinese street food delicious or good enough for me. Though some of them are too creepy to even be worth a try. I think attending this Guilin Street Food Festival will be a great experience.

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