Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello, World!

Warm greetings to you, you readers of blogs, you international vagabonds, you sundry masses who have read at least as far as the end of this sentence! Welcome to the official ground-breaking, the ceremonial ribbon-cutting, the festive smashing-of-a-bottle-of-wine-against-the-hull of my brand new blog! Later this year, I will be embarking on an ambitious gastronomic journey through China and its street food, and I am pleased to invite you to follow along on my travels here on this blog. The end result of the trip will be a travel guide focused on the unique street foods available in various Chinese cities. A “field guide to Chinese street food,” if you will. (I’ll say more about the project itself in a future post.) This blog will be the primary repository of my experiences before, during, and after the trip. I anticipate there will be street food reviews, comic anecdotes, trip updates, and the occasional philosophical musing. Basically anything that strikes my fancy. I hope you will find it both interesting and useful enough to consider reading and commenting regularly. Without the active involvement of you, the reader, I’m only talking to myself here, and I’d like to save that sort of thing for my dotage. So thanks for reading today. 

Without further ado, I officially declare this inaugural post concluded, and the blog open for business! Let the gastronomy begin!


Haley said...

Well, I wouldn't want you to be talking to yourself...glad I found your blog!

Unknown said...

I was research example blog about Chinese food. Your blog is awesome !!!!

Frank Kasell said...

Thanks, Caihong! Glad to know you like it.

daniel said...

i always come to read the first post of a blog i like

Frank Kasell said...

You've got to start somewhere, eh, Daniel? Glad to know you liked it enough to come back to the beginning!

Huyen said...

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