Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Two Reviews

I have to admit, it's still a little strange for me to think that there are people out there (like you, perhaps) reading my book. But that's how it goes when you send your words out into the world--people will read them. Here are two recent reviews from some of those folks who have read them:

Flavorful World

425 Magazine

I will leave you with one little teaser excerpt from the Flavorful World review that I rather like:
"Kasell writes with a hunger, both for knowledge and for new food experiences—and it is indeed arguable which pursuit holds greater sway over the author—that is palpable as he takes readers on a 53-city excursion through Chinese cuisine. [...] If Kasell’s writing ignites in readers half as much verve for getting to know this culture and its food as that which birthed this book, then these lesser-traveled roads to understanding its provincial cuisines will not remain lesser-traveled for long."
Very nice!


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